"Cult of Personality" by @ratshead

Each person gives their own expression and mood in every photo. Each is a different character in every shoot and it portrays human feelings that we've never seen.

Last December, I started to challenge myself into doing close-up portraits, using a 35mm lens and combine my shooting style with a bit of expressions in my photos. It can be a challenge when the subjects can't deliver what I want them to do.

I was inspired to do close-up portraiture from @tutes and @mgarch, hence I chose these set of photos to show a different side of my art




You can find more of ratshead's work on Instagram and his blog

"Tricia" by Kix Navidad

This week’s feature comes from Kix Navidad, a portrait photographer from Cavite, Philippines

It's focusing on Tricia's beauty and character, baring what most people don't normally see about her. Knowing a person socially and online creates an illusion of false assumptions about a person.

That's why in my series I try to capture each model's essence through her eyes, gestures and the simplest clothing she can wear, so I’m not tainting any of her beautiful qualities inside and out. Without makeup and jewelry to hide and glorify the feminine side.

Simplicity - that's what I want to achieve.

You can find more of Kix’s work on Instagram

Model: Tricia Mateo // @triciamateo