I guess I start by introducing myself. My name is Ezra Pilpus and I love photography. 

This site is made simply because I'm into portraits and there are many amazing portrait photographers out there that I admire.

And through photography, I met so many people - some ending up as friends in real life and some still in contact from the social media.

We Shoot Souls is made for them.

So here's the deal. Throughout this site, there are 3 main things:

  • The first feature called Favourite 5 - I will ask the photographer to share their top 5 photos of their work. 
  • The main course will be the interview or rather a conversation with the photographer, and honestly I'm super interested on how they approach their work.
  • Lastly, if I can convince them well, they will share a sort of photo essay, editorial or photo shoot exclusive for We Shoot Souls

Other than that, I will share some resources that will inspire me and you to shoot amazing portraits

I'm beyond excited because there are few people interested to be a part of this showcase. I hope you keep checking out this site within the next few weeks. 

Again, We Shoot Souls is my gratitude to all the amazing portrait photographers out there.

See you soon