Favourite Five 002: Mujahid Johar

Mujahid (Jay) Johar comes from Brunei Darussalam.  He contributes to several blogs, noticably the Social and the Songket Alliance.

He is active in the creative and culture scene here. I notice he has started doing photography some time ago. This is how he describes his work when I asked him

"I often look for clashes with the mundane, to put or highlight something that doesn't quite belong in a seemingly inane setting. If not that, there is typically a lingering sense of melancholy in most of my work. I don't seek the joy in photography. I seek the latent sadness in all things"

These are his favourite 5 photos from his work. You can check more of him at It's Raining Planes and Helicopters

Note: An interview with him will come soon