WSS Exclusive 001 - Mujahid Johar

FOREWORD: One of my long-term plans for We Shoot Souls, is that if I can assign photographers to shoot exclusively for the site. It can be a photo essay or series or just a photo shoot (with a bit of monetary compensation in exchange, of course). This exclusive element will also relate to the membership fee or crowdfunding project in the future - but that's another story!

So I asked Jay if he could do a shoot solely We Shoot Souls, meaning the photos are only meant to be seen here. I'm super grateful that that he agreed.

Here's how he explained the concept of the shoot:

The model, Roz Yussof, was a pleasure to work with. She was open to the concept even though she described herself as shy. I had seen her work with Bibasna Dewan for Enya Bijoux's Homegrown jewellery collection. By chance, we met at a mutual friend's party, and I asked her there and then to work together.

The concept of the shoot was to depict the awkwardness of stillness in a chaotic world. That's why I chose Gadong night market, which in the darkness of night become this hub of people looking to satisfy their respective hungers and people looking to make a decent living.

The shoot itself took about less than 40 minutes. We had discussed before what was needed for this shoot, so all that was left to do was take the photos.

Minimal directions were given. Typically, only standing position and eye direction were relayed, with one or two stance adjustments. The reason for this was to emphasise the incongruity within the setting.