Interview #6 - Jane Lee


I always see Jane Lee as a creator. Yes, she takes amazing photographs. You can tell through these images, she is particular in putting details, the right colour and capturing the right kind of human emotion. She doesn't stop creating. Just look at her Midori notebook and the stuff she invested in just create images in another perspective. 

I'm glad that we set some time aside for this interview. 

You can also find her work on her portolio and her wedding photography here

We can start by introducing yourself

I'm Jane. I'm from Kuala Lumpur.

First off, Im a huge fan of your work

Thanks Ezra!

You're welcome. Anything that’s happening with you? Stuff that keeps you busy?

Yes, there's a shoot coming up tomorrow which I'm still thinking of the art direction and at the same time, there's another one as well on next weekend. My head is thinking a lot of stuff all the time!

(ED: Mind you, this interview was done few weeks back)

You’re super busy!


Ok, what attracts you into shooting portraits in the first place?

I did it for fun at first. I was testing my ability since I had no knowledge in anything (camera-wise) I had to learn it because I used to run an online fashion blogshop which I hired models and started shooting by myself.

I notice that you put a lot of details in your portraits?

What kind of details?

Details - the colours and whatever props you use

Oh yes, I do

How do you prepare before the shoot?

Depending on what kind of shoot

Let’s say if it's a regular photo shoot?

I'll usually search for ideas on Pinterest and then, search for a suitable model, as well as talk about the makeup and clothes that I want. I'll search for a nice location and after that, just start shooting according the art direction that I've done.

Do you have a preference for models? Facial structure, skin tone etc

I love a person who are confident and not shy in front of my camera, no matter when. She is willing to do anything I ask and she needs to have a good skin.

How do you feel about the industry/scene like in KL?

I don't really follow our local scene here.

You're a man on your own then

Haha! I don't know. The local scene is always the same stuff. I'm hoping for something different. But I'm not in that position to comment about that as well

Are there challenges being a photographer over there?

I guess the biggest challenge is being a female photographer here 'cause it's just so rare.

How you overcome that?

I just don't care and keep doing things the way I want. But of course, it's not going to be easy and it will take time.. I'm telling myself this every single day. Keep creating something and surprise myself.

So you don’t follow scenes, but I'm sure you follow other photographers’ work?

Yep, I follow a lot of international ones - Jonas Peterson, Ryan Muirhead, Jose Villa and many more

Do you feel that camera gears/apps to edit photos matter to you in helping you do work?

Of course!

In what sense? Do you go for quality in photos? 

I am the kind who likes to play with post-processing

So do you enjoy the process of shooting or the end results?

Both. I like to keep memories in every photo I take and tell a story.

How do you save your work?  

I have a personal network storage that I back up all my clients' images.

May I know what do you use?

Nope. I'm using a 4-bay NAS server by Asustor

Your wedding shots are marvellous. Like, I don’t think others create that kind of photos same as you do. My question is what influences you to create that kind of pictures for weddings?

I guess, it's more on myself, that i am always curious whenever I see things that I like on the internet, then asking whether I could achieve that shot in my own way. It's also the things that are happening around me at the same time during the wedding. Whether they are laughing, happy, nervous, or hearing them giving out heart-warming speeches while me capturing those moments.


What’s your favourite wedding shot?

I don't have any particular one because they're all my favourites! Every client is special to me.

How is your relationship between you and your clients?

My clients are the best as they always listen to my ideas. There was this one time - this couple invited us and their very close friends to stay over and they cooked awesome meals and drank wine the night before, while our photoshoot would be on the next early morning, haha!

I notice you travel a lot? How does it help you as a photographer?

I wish I can travel often! Do I look like I travel a lot?

Haha, it looks like you do

I like to try their local food! And buy things that can't be found here! 

I love your Midori traveller! For a beginner like me, how do you use it?

Yes, my weird love for my planner! I just use it to check my monthly schedule, then I start to fill more in the book now - random thoughts, scraps, receipts, whatever it is.

How much you think people will value your work?

I don’t know. Actually that doesn’t really bother me a lot. I just want to keep creating different things in every stage. 

Do you still enjoying shooting like before?

Yes and no. No, is when at times I don’t feel inspired and am not able to see things that I want. The only thing that can break through it is to think in a different perspective and take it as an experience. Not everything is going to perfect after all.

How did you get the chance to shoot Theresa Manchester?

I got to talk to her through an online modeling platform and found out she was coming to KL. So I hired her to model for a few hours, paid her and then we had Chinese noodles together after the shoot. She’s awesome!

Anything that keeps you excited in the future?

Yes, I am always excited about it! Things about building my name and all the fun experience. And I want to travel more!

Any music that you listen to right now?

My music choices do vary. I could be listening to classical music for a moment, then some hipster pop music and Radiohead tomorrow. Yesterday I was humming to Blur’s Beetlebum song that was playing in my car’s music player. I hardly listen to Chinese music as well as stuff that is playing on the radio right now. I have a unique taste for music!

From 1-10, rate how much you love coffee?

I don't drink coffee, except mocha!