Favourite Five 007: Fifi H. Hasman

Fifi H. Hasman is a female photographer from Brunei. She is a full-time philosophy & politics undergraduate, a part-time film photographer and a self-proclaimed travel & lifestyle blogger 

"I decided to go into film photography mainly because of the tonal qualities and it's timeless. Since you can usually take 36 shots on film, the journey of curating and contemplating each shot ultimately inspires me to capture stillness and perpetuity in their rustic and authentic forms to this day.

Gradually, the art and science of capturing these moments the analogue way manifest into a lifestyle that is best described as "slow living", which makes me more appreciative and mindful not only of every shot that I take, but also of people and places themselves."

She describes her Favourite Five as "a case of incurable wanderlust, a high dose of indie folk and an obsession for Scandinavian design"

If you're interested in her film cameras - they are Canon AV-1 and Pentax K1000

Blog: therustictrove.wordpress.com

VSCO: fifihhasman.vsco.co

Instagram: @therustictrove