Favourite Five 019 - Jonathan Gonzales

Jonathan Gonzalez is a photographer from the Philippines. He also works as a banker and a student. His photographs are interestingly monochromatic.

Check his Favourite Five below

Jonathan: This was from my first attempt at street portraiture with my friend in Recto, Manila. She was having a cigarette break in between our street shoot and I managed to get some candid ones that turned out to be one of my faves so far.

Jonathan: This was taken in Buendia, Manila. It is near to the place where I used to ride the jeepney going home. A pretty gritty area and got to include it with the whole photo.

Jonathan: This was taken from a recent shoot in Shibuya, Japan. I saw this particular tunnel on the Internet and stumbled upon it on the trip. I got to shoot there with a friend of mine working in Japan.

Jonathan: This was shot from the EDSA-Ayala bus terminal, one of the places I've wanted to shoot on. Luckily, I managed to pull this one off.

Jonathan: This was taken in Makati Avenue, one of the red light districts within the Metro. We knew it was going to rain before we went out to shoot, so we brought jackets just in case. The rain had a nice effect on the asphalt and reflected the neon lights of the area.

You can find him on his three Instagram accounts: one, two & three as well as on Flickr