Favourite Five 016 - David Collier

David Collier is a photographer from Sydney, Australia. He’s been shooting in film since picking up an Olympus OM1 camera for the first time. He treats photography as a means to have a good time and it translates well into his images.

If you’d like to check more of his work, his website is a really good place to start. 

Here is his Favourite Five below

David: I love the way I styled and framed the shot. It looks “retro” and has a nice to camera look and a feeling of innocence.

David: This was taken on a late night train. It was risky with security guards around but we pulled if off. This was part of a story I shot for a fashion label, showing two friends traveling on a train and shows a nice candidness and an essence of friendship.

David: This has a nice retro, vintage vibe with a soft feel to it. I love the way that Chayde (the model) looks over her best friend, Isobelle who is asleep after a big night party in their motel room. This was part of another story shoot.

David: This was shot inside my local skate park. I love the framing and the way the talent is looking confident, with some attitude. I shot using film and it shows some fantastic colours straight out of the camera.

David: Another nostalgic shoot in my local Laundromat. I just love the framing and my talent just looking through the door. It is somewhat soft and melancholic.