Favourite Five 018 - Kevin Brent Sanderson

Kevin Brent Sanderson is a portrait photographer from the Philippines. I just love how he plays with the natural light and  lights it seamlessly well to the subjects. He strikes a balance of spontaneity and sexiness to his images.

He showcases most of his work on Instagram and Behance

Below is his following Favourite Five

Kevin: This was taken around 2 am in the city. We were walking around looking for interesting locations while everyone else was asleep. We had to do it around that time so that there weren’t that many people out on the street. This has been one of my favourite photos because of how thrilling it was to create.

Kevin: I just love the whole vibe of this photo. I believe it looks more interesting tilted like this. An excellent example of how breaking the rules benefit photos sometimes. It was also pretty spontaneous how it happened. I never liked taking photos of people with cigarettes because I found it cliché. But it just works really well in this one.

Kevin: I can get away with this photo because of her ballerina shoes. It’s the shoes that explains the pose. That’s what makes it so great at the same time.

Kevin: I love how subtly beautiful this photo is. It’s actually the last shoot I did before I moved in the house I’m staying in now so it’s got that sentimental vibe to me.


Kevin: I feel like this was the set that helped boost my career as a photographer. And yeah it is still one of my favourites even if it was done more than a year ago. The fact that a lot has changed during that time, yet I can still look at this and still love it speaks a lot. You can check out the rest of the photos in my Behance under the set called Gravity.