For the previous two issues, I’ve approached several photographers to contribute their work for the magazine.

For the next issue, 003, I’ve decided to make it an open field. This is going to be a collaborative effort together with you.

If you are a photographer (any other creatives are fine as well) and super interested to be in this issue, here’s what I need from you:

  1. Tell us what is your feature. Describe your set of photos.
  2. Submit 5-6 photos that relates to your feature to  [Photos with 72 dpi are good enough] 
  3. Include your name and Instagram account (or your website). If you use a model, include his/her name and his/her Instagram account

The deadline is 28 February 2017

Don’t forget to tell others and I’m looking forward for your submissions.

Ezra (We Shoot Souls)