Favourite Five 020 - Ed Enclona

Ed Enclona is a 20-year old, colour blind artist & an aspiring photographer based in Manila, Philippines. He graduated in Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in advertising. He enjoys painting and being a student leader. He also does the styling for the majority of his shoots.

Below is his Favourite Five

Ed: "This photo represents my aesthetic. As well as photographing the shoot, I was also the stylist for this one. What I achieved on this shoot is the capability of multitasking and doing two roles to achieve what I have in mind."

Ed: "I often shoot grunge streetwear fashion which makes it a challenge for me when shooting with a different theme. On this photo, I tried to lighten up the vibe by picking an outfit in between chic and streetwear. It was a challenge but I was ready to see what I’m capable of doing."

Ed: "This photo set isn't just photos - it's a statement. Entitled "OFF", it is an overall characterization of the impact I want to express, despite of breaking away from the standards or norms of their aesthetic, the clothes and over all fashion styling can still be editorial worthy. Thus, showcasing my capabilities as a rising creative."

Ed: "This photo is one of my favorite because the moment where I faced my biggest fear. A studio shoot. As a first timer, I did not have any clue on how to work with multiple models. I was proud when we called it a wrap. I nailed the layouts and created this set with pure substance."

Ed: "I got the concept for this photo from the movie ‘Equals’. The way this photo brings fashion and art in between, the very subtle effect and a layout that’s almost more of a painting makes fall in love with this photo over and over again."

You can find more of Ed's work on Instagram , his Facebook page and Behance