Feature: Jerferson Permejo

Jerferson Permejo is a self-taught photographer based in Manila.

He started to learn how to take photos over a year ago when he bought his camera actually for casual purposes. He is very eager to learn that he watched probably all tutorial videos on how to use a camera and how to edit the photos. He is very fond of shooting portraits and he finds shooting people really interesting because he can understand and can capture stories behind different eyes. It's just last year when he discovered his style of shooting. 

His signature is shooting portraits of women. He is also amazed with the raw and natural beauty of a woman and capturing it is his one of his discovered passion in life.

"I don’t have much reason why they’re my personal favorites. They’re just beautiful and amazing and it really appealed to my taste and aesthetics."

You can find more of Jerferson's work on Instagram and Facebook