Introduction by Jenko Cameradude

My name is Deevyesh and I'm a portrait photographer

Model: Gueen May [@gueenalexismay]

Photographer: Deevyesh [@jenko_cameradude]

2017-02-04 10.45.26 1.jpg

Deevyesh: This is Gueen reflecting her possibilities in her own way

2017-02-05 11.31.06 1.jpg

Deevyesh: I love this photo because she seems so lost in her thoughts

Deevyesh: She is noticing people - kids, adults, elders - how happy they are with their loved ones at that moment

Deevyesh: This shot is all about fashion and desires of Gueen's

Deevyesh: I took this shot recently caught my idea and i told Gueen to be relaxed and be lost in your own world. I love the contrast and the softness of the photo. It really speaks a lot of scars or pain that you've been through.