Favourite Five 017 - Rhiannon K.

Rhiannon K. is a fine art conceptual photographer from Sabah, Malaysia. Her work consists of self-portraiture, being highly inspired from her feelings, sight and dreams. She also incorporates poetry into her photography.

You can find her work her portfolio, Instagram and her blog. You can also follow her on Twitter and Facebook

Here is her Favourite Five

Standing In The Dark

Rhiannon: This is one of the first few self-portraits that I shot back in 2012. I love how this subtlety reflects the fear we have in the dark, yet even with a clouded view - there is always hope.

Where I Belong

Rhiannon: It was my first time experiencing what it was like being away from home for a good month. Standing right in front of my garden, I knew exactly why - I missed being in my natural habitat, overflowing with inspiration. Savouring every moment that I was in, and ultimately capturing it.

Bloom & Blossom

Rhiannon: This first piece of my "I D E N T I T Y" project was created in dedication to my late grandfather. Because without him, I wouldn't have bloomed and blossomed into the person that I am today.


Rhiannon: I shot this with the unsettling idea of how we, human beings, struggle with wanting more than the now. We're always craving for something bigger and better and living in fear of not being enough. But we can't live like this, we need to fill our hearts with more gratitude to lead a joyful life.


Rhiannon: I was working on a 52-week project and that week's theme was emotion. I found myself completely lost in a creative block. This piece wasn't created with an exact idea in mind, but it was a product of an experiment. I hold this piece very close to my heart as it is a reminder that it is possible to be inspired by a creative block.