Interview with Kevin Brent Sanderson

Kevin Brent Sanderson is a photographer hailing from Manila, Philippines. His photography mostly comprises of portraiture and fashion

You can find more of Kevin's work on Behance and Instagram


What is your most favorite photo that you’ve taken and why?


This is probably one of my favorite photos that I took lately. Every end of the year, I would look at the pictures I've taken and see if I've grown or not. I feel that this photo represents my progress overall.

What inspires you in doing your photography?

Lately, I've been focusing to try to get out of my comfort zone and shoot things that I usually wouldn't. I guess my pursuit for greatness is what drives me to take photos.

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How do you prepare yourself before shooting or doing any assignments?

It depends really. There are some shoots where thorough research and proper planning make me feel confident about approaching it. But there are some shoots that are spontaneously planned that equally excite me. But the common denominator is the perfect playlist I listen to beforehand.

What is your one tip/tool/mantra when you’re shooting or creating work?

When it comes to portraits/fashion, I always try to envision that the outcome of the shoot should be viable enough to be published in a magazine. I believe the photos that you create will lead you to which path you want to end up in.

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Is there an element that you incorporate in your photos?

I used to be proud to have a signature style. But now I'm trying to stray away from it. I'd rather be known for taking great photos instead of a trademark angle or editing method.

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What are your go-to songs when you’re shooting?

I have different playlists for different moods. But there are artists that stand out the most like Childish Gambino, Catfish and the Bottlemen, and pretty much any song from Arctic Monkeys' "Favourite Worst Nightmare"

What is ultimate goal in your photography?

To travel the world because of the photos I take, and take my loved ones with me.

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What is your advice to other photographers? 

Your fellow photographers don't have to be your competition. I'm grateful to have photog friends who are all about supporting each other.

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