Interview with John Bulos

John Bulos is a photographer from Manila, Philippines. His main work comprises of portraits, fashion and commercials. He is also a business and marketing student, deciding to take photography after he graduated college. He has been incorporating his marketing background into his photography through commercial works

You can find more of his work on Instagram.


What is your most favorite photo that you’ve taken and why?


I love the aesthetics of the scene. It somehow reminds me of Pop’s Diner in Riverdale. Or it probably reminds me of burgers and milkshakes. lol

What inspires you in doing your photography?

I love fashion and aesthetics. I like to believe that putting on clothes is so much more than just the way it looks, but rather a form of self-expression. The way it defines different people and personalities. Your style defines who you are. I absolutely love seeing that distinct personality and attitude of my model every time I look through the viewfinder of my camera.

How do you prepare yourself before shooting or doing any assignments?

I surround myself with positivity and avoid the negatives. I am the type of person who’s easily swayed by the things around me, but I’m trying to overcome it. So I make it a point to always stay inspired and in the mood to curate. Your mood affects the overall creative output of the shoot.


What is your one tip/tool/mantra when you’re shooting or creating work?

Be flexible. Sometimes, if not most of the times, things don’t go always as planned.

What is your signature style?

I like shooting street fashion - pulling off that undone look. There’s something about street fashion for me that is so full of attitude and personality.

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Any songs that sets the mood with when you’re shooting?

I have a lot on my playlist! Haha. But here are some of them:

  • I Feel It Coming by The Weeknd
  • One For Kenny by Idjut Boys
  • Slide by Calvin Harris

What is ultimate goal in your photography?

To be acknowledged and become an inspiration to other people. I’ve always wanted to be an influence to create. Put your work out there!

What is your advice to other photographers?

Never doubt yourself. There will be times when you’re just not into it. A creative block as most artists like to call it. I get it a lot. I look up to different photographers and artists who are already way up the ladder of success. I envy them, honestly. Sometimes I even ask myself if I can make it to where they are or is there even a point to what I am doing? In a way, my mind somehow creates this ’excuse’ to not even bother creating. FIGHT that resistance! Stay true to your direction, your goal, your passion. As long as you are passionate and love what you are doing, you’re on the right track.